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Friday, September 26, 2008

Playing with Fire

During the past few days the actions of Mr. McCain and his presidential campaign have resembled nothing less than guerrilla warfare. One man’s stuntsmanship is of course another man’s insurgency. At the very least, McCain seems to have mastered the element of surprise against what would seem, now in retrospect, to be his opponent’s intricately planned—and therefore slow to adapt—campaign. Mr. Obama would do well to invest in some defoliants.

It is impolite to ask what the costs will be of a guerrilla election to the United States or to the American people. Only time will tell. A more interesting question is the one regarding patriotism. If we think about what the USA did for/to each candidate over the course of his life, we begin to wonder which he loves more: the idea of his country or the country itself?



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Office Pool

Talleyrand carries on with his speculation…

Scenario B: McCain Victory

Secretary of State: Joe Lieberman

Secretary of Defense: Colin Powell or Richard Armitage

National Security Adviser: Robert Kimmitt

White House Chief of Staff: Randy Scheunemann

Chairman, JCS: David Petraeus


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