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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Americans deserve much credit for finally tracking down Enemy No. 1. Less for the fact of doing it  than for how it was done -- so deliberately, competently. The world likes this from Americans.
The biggest question now concerns America's fraught relations with Pakistan. But the signs are encouraging, despite all appearances. The Pakistani powers that be may or may not be embarrassed by the actions so close to home, but they will have to act embarrassed, and contrite.
More importantly, the odd case of Mr. Raymond Davis now makes a good deal more sense. His bizarre incident and the uproar it caused, we now know, happened after the Americans became aware of bin Laden's purported location. Rather than a merely unlucky idiot, or just an idiot, he now appears to have been a rather useful one. For if the ostensible ISI-CIA relationship had not broken down entirely as a consequence, it's hard to expect that bin Laden's backers in Pakistan would not have had opportunity to tip him off ahead. Or perhaps it was the other way round: if anything, the Davis case gives the ISI plausible deniability.
Nicely done, on all counts.

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