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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Urgent and the Important

Talleyrand is in another dyspeptic mood. The British secretary for defence, Liam Fox, has just resigned for reasons, ostensibly, of friendship. The Israelis and Palestinians persist with their bouts of UN exhibitionism. Much of Europe has taken its usual navel gazing to a new extreme, although this time with good reason. The United States has entered its ‘election season’, also known as the season of diplomatic hibernation. Meanwhile between three and five thousand Syrians have been killed, with many more to come. Yet reporters ignore them. Iranian operatives in cahoots with Mexican drug runners are just too interesting.

The showdown in Syria was predicted here and here. All the signs now point to a civil, probably regional, war. Who is preparing for this possibility? Will Western ‘electorates’ support the necessary measures to deal with the consequences?


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