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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


A remarkable admission buried in the usual self-righteous rantings of Dr Anne-Marie Slaughter.

At the end of paragraph eleven, she states baldly: “By toppling a government in Libya without any idea of what might come next.”

This was obvious at the time and even more obvious as time went on.

Who pray tell, was the director of policy planning in the American State Department at the time of planning said toppling? Who did more to urge Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, to advocate the overthrow of Gaddafi? Who encouraged Clinton to threaten resignation if the Libya adventure, promoted as a humanitarian action, did not proceed? Obama was correct in saying this was the biggest regret of his presidency. It was a rare moment when his courage flagged. He should have let Clinton go. Only idiots resign on principle.

As for Dr Slaughter, besides naked hypocrisy, she is guilty, at the very least, of utter incompetence in her appointed job.

Talleyrand will say so at the risk of repeating himself: This woman is a menace to her country. She should be silent.


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